luxury premier interior design for your new build or renovation in vancouver


Sublime Interior Design is a multi award-winning design firm located in Vancouver, B.C. and specializes in luxury residential and multi-family interiors. We believe that a design project should not only meet the client’s needs for the space itself, but inspire all visitors on a personal level too.

Our interior designers devote the first phase of a project to observing the space and or drawings and the site and listen to our clients to understand what type of design they need and what problems they’re trying to solve. We then breakaway to ideate possible design-centric solutions and present the best options to the client.  Our dedication to client needs, rather than self-serving design egos, have enabled us to build long-term relationships with our clients and partners. Our reputation is built upon a foundation of cutting-edge designs, properly scheduled and budgeted Project Plans, and a roster of satisfied and repeat clients.



Sublime Interior Design believes that the best design solutions can only be found after the problem is identified and properly articulated.  We meticulously research each of our projects in order to deliver a solution that not only meets the client’s immediate needs but also provides something unexpectedly elegant.

The sequential steps are:

1.    Proposal/Contract
2.    Feasibility Study
3.    Scheduling and Budgeting
4.    Client Approval
5.    Concept Development
6.    Preliminary Design & Estimates

7.    Client Review
8.    Design Development
9.    Client Approval
10.  Implement and Construct
11.  Occupancy (move-in)
12.  Evaluate

In the first project phase, our Designer convenes with the client and other users of the space to properly identify and categorize the problems, goals, and properly define the nebulousness in between.  Then, concepts are developed and presented to client for further refinement of the solution, which is then interpreted into the final design solution.

Detailed contract documents, project plans, construction drawings, along with programming process and CAD work are presented to the client. The Designer works with both the construction team and the client to establish a clear and efficient communication process to eliminate errors and unnecessary delays.